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Costa Rica General Info : Entry Requirements Last Updated: May 23rd, 2012 - 17:32:56

What Are You Allowed To Bring Into Costa Rica
By Costa Rica Embassy
Jun 29, 2006, 09:07

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Every person entering Costa Rica is entitled to introduce:

  • Luggage with items for personal use in reasonable quantities
  • Medicines and assistance equipment, if you require it
  • Work equipment as long as it is portable and used
  • Camping, hiking or sports equipment
  • Firearms and ammunitions, as long as you have the proper permits

Items for personal use

You can bring to Costa Rica the following items for personal use, in a reasonable amount, if they are portable and used:

  • Books and manuscripts
  • Camera (1) and its accessories
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Musical instrument (1) and its accessories
  • Non-commercial photographs and prints
  • Portable radio or tape-recorder or compact disk player (1)
  • Purse
  • Rolls of film (6)
  • Toys
  • Umbrella
  • Video-camera (1) and its accessories and 
  • Zoom (1)

For you and your family's consumption you may also bring

  • Baby food
  • Cigarettes (500 grams per person),
  • Candy (2 kilograms per person)
  • Wine and liquor (up to 5 litters per person). You have to be 18 years or older.

Medicines and medical equipment

All medical equipment has to be portable, for personal use and show signs of being previously used. Some common items would be:

  • Portable oxygen tank
  • Wheel chair

Items for work

You are allowed to bring to Costa Rica items that you require in your profession, as long as they are used and portable. These provisions exclude complete equipment for laboratories, offices and workshops. Some of the items you may bring are:

  • Laptop computer (1)
  • Paint and canvas
  • Portable printer (1)
  • Tape recorder (1)

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